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Hi. I’m Guus, an online marketer specialised in student recruitment.

I’ve learned that you can only run successful online student recruitment campaigns if different specialists work together and speak each others’ language. Digital agencies can make a difference, but only if you brief them and enable them.

My book,¬†Successful student recruitment with Google Ads, is about exactly that. It doesn’t only cover the mechanics of Google Ads campaigns, but also describes all the puzzle pieces that need to fit, from strategy to follow-up. You can download the book for free.

To further enable Higher Education marketers, I’ve also developed Higher Education-specific¬†online marketing courses.¬†In small groups of max. 6, I help you (and/or your colleagues) to put the theory into practice. Learn to speak the same language and get aligned, whether you’re in Marketing, Communications, Recruitment, International Office or representing a Faculty.

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Social media, podcasts, video, blogging, webinars … there are simply too many options for staying in touch.

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Set up your own Google Search Ads campaigns from scratch. Or become a better conversation partner to your agency.


Is everything you’re doing online working? Where are the bottlenecks? Know what to measure, and how to measure it.


How to become visible in the search engine results as a Higher Education Institution?


This course covers all the fundamentals of online marketing for student recruitment. Develop a shared language and build alignment across departments and with agencies.