Online Education Marketing Consultant

As an education marketing consultant, I want to meet you where you are, and help you and your team chart your course onwards, online marketing wise.

  • If you’re getting started¬†with online marketing I can help with a plan of attack, establishing priorities and pulling together the (in-house or outsourced) team
  • If you have an experienced team, I can challenge you with a fresh perspective

Below, you’ll find some of the typical ways in which I have worked together with education providers. Would you like to explore whether it makes sense for us to work together? Feel free to get in touch!

Wondering how you’re doing right now?

A quick scan of your online marketing activities can be a great place to start.

I’ll review your current online presence in detail, including where applicable:

  • Website
  • Analytics setup
  • Paid campaigns
  • Social media channels
  • SEO
  • Follow-up

And will provide a detailed report which identifies the key leverage points and specifies next actions to take.

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  • Are these campaigns working as hard for us as they should?
  • Why that sudden drop in applications?
  • Is that page as user optimised as it can be?
  • Should we be paying for ads at this stage or focusing elsewhere?

It can be great to discuss these kinds of questions with an outsider who knows education and online marketing. With coaching, I’ll be available for regular Zoom calls and be available to answer your questions (and those of your colleagues) through e-mail.

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Hands-on support

Planning has its place, but you can only achieve results through action. Is there something on your plate you need help with? For example:

  • A Google Analytics implementation
  • Creating a dashboard in Google Data Studio
  • Strategy and setup of a Google Ads campaign.

Let me do it for you, so you can move on!

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Know More?

Does it sound like I could help you with one or more of the above services? Feel free to send me a message or give me a call. You’ll find the details on my contact page.