Fundamentals of online student recruitment

SEO & Analytics workshop at University of Ostrava

Course detail

This programme provides a foundation for University marketing & communications professionals to plan and execute digital marketing campaigns: from strategy and budgeting to evaluating performance.

Assignments are built in to help you translate the concepts to your own institution’s situation. Upon completion, you’ll have an action plan that will help bring your institution’s online recruitment to the next level.

For whom?

  • Marketing staff
  • Communications staff
  • Faculty members with an involvement in student recruitment

Upon successfully completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the key strategic questions that need to be answered before embarking on online student recruitment campaigns;
  • Understand how to budget for digital marketing campaigns realistically; estimating cost in relation to expected results;
  • Understand the difference between search, broad outreach and early outreach campaigns;
  • Describe key university website features and potential pitfalls
  • Identify effective ways to follow-up with prospective students, both in automated and non-automated ways;
  • Obtain and/or calculate the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in relation to student recruitment;
  • Analyse KPIs and be able to identify key areas for improvement;
  • Evaluate online recruitment campaign proposals and progress reports;
  • Collaborate effectively with external marketing agencies.
Online student recruitment process
Course versions

Training format

This programme is delivered as a self-paced e-course with live webinar components.

Individual (EUR 670)

After the initial intake interview, you’ll get a login and can work through the course materials at your own pace.

In the application assignments, you will analyze your own institution’s setup and will identify opportunities for improvement. At set moments, you’ll have the chance to schedule a live one-to-one coaching call with me. During the call, we’ll run through your assignments and you’ll have the chance to ask questions.

In-company (EUR 4700)

The programme is also available in in-company format for Universities for groups of up to 12 participants. After the initial intake with the lead participant, all participants will get access to the full resources – and this will be supplemented by two half-day live group webinars, so you can work together as a group, and dig deeper into challenges that are specific for your institution.

To further ensure you can successfully apply what you learn, there is a final check-in call with the lead participant 3 months after course completion.

What’s included?

This fee includes permanent access to the digital course materials, scheduled live sessions with Guus Goorts, and recordings of the live sessions.

I’m currently looking for 5 individual participants, and 3 in-company groups willing to join the beta version.

As a beta trainee, you’ll:

  • Be one of the few to get the first version of the course once it’s ready (Mid October);
  • Get full access to the finalised course once it’s ready;
  • Get 50% discount on the listed price.

In return, I ask you to:

  • Pay the course fee in advance (payment secures your seat);
  • Set aside some time to provide feedback;
  • Provide a written review.

If you’re interested, please send me a message using the form below!

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