Education Marketing Services

Reading a book is one thing, putting it all into practice… quite another.

That’s why I am developing e-courses about a variety of topics.

These are flipped classroom courses, which include

  • Hosted video presentations
  • Assignments
  • Live Zoom sessions

Join them as an individual or get on the same page with your entire team.

Interested in scheduling an online team session? Drop me a message or book a 30-min zoom chat so we can see what’s the best fit for you.


Whether you have a particular skill gap, temporary vacancy or specific questions around online search for a new project, I’m here to help!

Drop me a message or book a 30-min Zoom chat¬†and we’ll take it from there!

30-min Zoom Chat

Were you left with questions while reading my book? Or would you like to get my input on an idea?

I’m happy to think along with you. No obligations.

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